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Personal Coaching in Melbourne
Coaching propels you from where you are to where you want to be, more quickly and efficiently than if you were to do it on your own.
Personal Coaching
Raised self-awareness
Stress relief
Removing overwhelm
Release negative thought patterns
Improved time management
Learn to set and achieve your goals
Breakthrough your limiting beliefs
Discover your core values
Self Empowerment
Uncover your strengths
Increased confidence and self-esteem
Take your life to the next level
Connect with what you truly want and how to get it
Benefits of Personal Coaching:
Personal Coaching Consult
“Erica helped me to find my way back to sanity. I've regained a love of my craft and also a love of myself after a difficult time. She is a true angel.”
—  Nikola Dubois (actor)

What people say...

Who is Erica Chestnut?
Erica Chestnut - Actor - 3.jpeg
Your body innately knows how to heal, it just needs a little help from time to time. Once we unlock it, you are on the path to a happier, more fulfilling life.
Throughout my ongoing learning, I have come to understand that all change and growth happens over time.  Whether delving into an acting training practice or beginning a healing journey of your inner-self to change your world, these are processes that take time.
We start with an initial consult and from there determine the best way forward for you.  This may take only a few sessions or a longer, more in-depth program.
How does it work?
We start with an introductory session and determine from there, what is best for you to achieve your desired outcomes.  Coaching sessions are in person, over the phone or via Skype.
I am here to support, challenge and listen to you.  Through insightful questioning, I’ll encourage you to maintain a non-judgmental attitude, look at the core values and limiting beliefs that are holding you back and empower you to instigate change.  You will set inspiring, passionate goals, and transform your life.
There will be visual and written exercises incorporated into the sessions, along with further email support and follow up.
$130 (75 mins)
$300 (3 x 60 mins)
$540 (6 x 60 mins)
$810 (9 x 60 mins)

Let's find out if we're a good fit

If you’re looking for Personal Coaching in Melbourne, you can contact me directly to make an initial consultation.
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