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Kinesiology In Melbourne

Kinesiology allows the blocked energy in your body to flow, and in turn, heal your mind, body, and spirit. We do not work to give a diagnosis or treat a specific illness, but rather we clear the underlying stresses in your sub-conscious that have led to physical symptoms, pain, discomfort, emotional stress, allergies, depression, confidence, and self-esteem issues and more.
Sekhem Benefits

How does Kinesiology work?

Kinesiology is a holistic, non-invasive approach to health and wellness, inclusive of mind, body, and spirit. I predominantly work with professional actors and performers to help them clear stress, anxiety, and fear. This is largely done in my clinic space in Melbourne (South Kingsville), online sessions are also available.
Using gentle muscle testing (neuromuscular feedback), I find energetic imbalances and stressors in your body that are buried in your unconscious, blocking your path to physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. I identify the root cause of your stressors and rebalance the energy of your body.
Over a series of sessions, a gentle transformation and significant shift in feeling stuck or in pain will dissolve, moving you forward to greater health, happiness, and pain-free living. You will develop greater awareness and connection to yourself and the world we live in.
Physical Pain
Digestive & Gut Issues
TMJ pain
Confidence and Self-Esteem issues
Lack of clarity
Chronic Fatigue

Kinesiology is perfect

if you are suffering from:

What can I expect in a session?

Erica Chestnut - Actor - 3.jpeg
Your body innately knows how to heal, it just needs a little help from time to time. Once we unlock it, you are on the path to a happier, more fulfilling life.
Throughout my ongoing learning, I have come to understand that all change and growth happens over time.  Whether delving into an acting training practice or beginning a healing journey of your inner-self to change your world, these are processes that take time.
We start with an initial consult and from there, determine the best way forward for you.  This may take only a few sessions or a longer, more in-depth program.
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What people say...

“I’ve gained more self-belief and the realization that I don't have to work as hard with my acting which is something I understood intellectually but until I allowed myself to just be - I never really got it. In short, I’ve realised that I am enough.”
—  Ange Arabatzis (actor, filmmaker)
$130 (75 mins)
$110 (60 mins)

Contact me to book a session

If you’re looking for Kinesiology in Melbourne, you can contact me directly to make a booking.
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