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Find your joy, potential, and freedom

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Holistic Actor Coaching

I move actors away from stress and anxiety

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Have you been feeling unsure of your next steps and trapped in stress, anxiety and fear over your acting career? Or maybe you’re looking for reliable, instinctive techniques to fill the gaps from your previous training? 
That’s where I come in.
By developing your connection to yourself and tapping into your inner truth, you have access to deep wisdom, healing, peace, courage and self-love. All of which will transform your acting and your world for the better.

Coaching Services

Coaching Services
I'm a qualified Kinesiologist, Sekhem healer, Personal Coach and Meisner technique acting teacher in Melbourne. I thrive on empowering actors to find truth in their work with ease, positivity and the principle of ‘do no harm’.
This is a fusion of my passions – exploring the connection between mind, body and spirit, with the technical exploration of the process to become a ‘truthful’ actor. 
Discover more about each method below. If you're unsure where to start, click the Chat Bubble in the bottom left corner of the page and let's discuss!

My Story

I truly believe that self-awareness and deep inner work to access your truth can change your outer world and the Universe.  By delving into yourself and discovering your truth, your greatness is able to unfold.  
 There’s a saying “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”, and in 2003 I met Ida Lyall, a Melbourne-based Kinesiologist and Sekhem Healer – where my healing tuition began.
I was seeking deeper fulfilment in my personal life and career, feeling unhappy, depressed and anxious most of the time. With Kinesiology and Sekhem, great shifts began occurring and I knew I wanted to assist others in their own transformation.  In 2007 I moved to London where I lived for 7 years.  It was a huge, life-changing journey where amongst other things, I began my kinesiology and life coaching training.
After training at drama school (*cough 20 years ago) I was left with what I felt were very few answers to the questions I had.  How do I rely on my instincts to act truthfully, and have a reliable technique that I trust will enable me to do the job every time?  I was a naturally instinctive actor and the hours of analysis, Stanislavski approaches (along with many others) of actioning and defining super-objectives did not work easily for me, and method-related work left me unenthused.  I spent years in classes trying to find the answers to my question – Why is it that what I’m doing when I act isn’t what I’m being taught to do? 
My answer came in the form of Scott Williams and his approach to the Meisner Technique at The Impulse Company in London.  After 3 years of training, Scott mentored me to teach and I’ve never looked back.
All of a sudden, I was free!  I could move my body on stage without feeling awkward, my emotions flowed freely and truthfully, and I connected to other actors in ways that had never happened before. I was no longer caught up in my noisy head. My confidence and trust in the technique propelled me into continuous employment, joyous interactions with every actor I worked with and finally, a solid, joyful craft that I could rely on.
Scott Williams led me to Niki Flacks, whose fascinating mind/body approach to accessing emotion for actors was directly in line with my values and beliefs around acting and the body, mind and energy connection. It was deeply transformational technique, aligned so closely with my holistic values. Niki also trained me to teach her work in 2016.
I value integrity, honesty, commitment and freedom.
I believe being an actor should be joyful, full of freedom, challenge and excitement. You should never have to tear yourself down or be torn down by others to be better, nor rely on torment or personal life experience to access emotional truth.
I am honoured and humbled to be a part of your journey.
Let’s do this!
My Story
"Imagine being filled with joy and confidence as you move forward with your acting career. 
Together we’ll work out what you want, what’s in your way and how you can move forward."
- Erica Chestnut
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What people say...

“I would highly recommend Erica! She blows me out. You never feel patronised or criticized. She holds a safe space for you to explore. She teaches with love and grace. She is the real deal people. You will grow as an actor and a human being if you come into contact with her. Guaranteed.”
—  Nikola Dubois (actor)
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