Why I teach the Meisner Technique

Why I teach the Meisner Technique

Why do I do it??

This one is EASY.

After training and working as a professional actor and circus/dance/physical theatre teacher for the past 15 years, when I discovered Meisner technique, I was filled with a sense of relief, excitement and joy that I had not had about my craft for SO many years.

Through Scott Williams’ gentle, supportive, positive guidance and detailed, simple approach, The Impulse Company training fundamentally changed me as an actor and as a person.

I no longer had the pressure to decide the best, most inventive and creative way to play something, dredge up emotions from deepest darkest somewhere and concentrate on being ‘good’.  I was freed up to FEEL without needing to think about or ‘find’ it, to become aware of my impulses, feel the feelings and immediately connect with other actors.

Being trained to live truthfully, moment to moment in a state of aliveness – how could this NOT affect me as a human as well as an actor?

I was so excited and passionate about the technique – about the freedom and truth it gave to me as an actor that I wanted to learn how to share it with you.

I dream about working with actors who want to grow, deepen their experience of what they thought was possible and become the best actors and humans they can.

Before training with Scott, I gained my cert dip in Personal Performance Development coaching from The Coaching Academy (The UK’s largest, most respected life coaching training Academy)  I’ve always been geared towards enabling others to reach their potential, and I’m on this discovery too.  After training with Scott on the 1 year program in London in 2011, I continued to train for 2 more years, then Scott mentored me to teach his approach to Meisner technique.

I am SO excited to be able to start sharing this with you, it is a ride you will never forget.

Meisner Classes in Melbourne

Meisner Classes in Melbourne

So, I’ve made the big move back to Melbourne! I’m so excited to be here, and have started my Meisner teaching (having been mentored by the wonderful Scott Williams at The Impulse Company in London)  We have expanded our border territory.  You can find out more about my classes and Impulse Company Australia over on the facebook page.