Great Pyramids of Egypt. Sekhem energy healing.

Sekhem Energy Healing

Sekhem is Ancient Egyptian healing energy, channelled through the practitioner into the client’s central nervous system. In a spiritual sense, the word Sekhem means ‘might’ or ‘authority’ and is linked to Sekhmet, the lioness-headed Goddess of Destruction – Goddess of change and destroying what no longer serves you.  Sekhmet is also linked with Maat, the Goddess of Truth.  Appropriate, don’t you think?

Sekhem is a deep and profound energy that reaches the client on a soul level. This subtle and deeply powerful energy cleanses, clears and balances every cell in the body, down to your DNA level. It dissolves blockages and releases wounds from the past and present, leaving you feeling calm, relaxed and whole.

The Sekhem energy assists you in taking responsibility for your life; to heal, to grow both personally and spiritually and so you become more of who you really are.

Helen Belot, Sekhem Master Teacher

What are the benefits?
•    Enhanced mental, physical and emotional wellbeing
•    Boost immune system
•    Heal past and present emotional wounds
•    Release of anxiety and pain
•    Find an inner core of peace
•    Empowers to change your life
•    Accelerates personal development
•    Take control of your life

What can I expect in a session?
After filling in a detailed client history form, we find out what brings you to my table.  You may have a specific ailment or issue you want to work on and if not, I’ll do some muscle-testing and let the energy do the work.

The session takes place face-up on a massage table.  Largely a hands-off energy therapy, I will touch your feet, knees, hands, shoulders, and head. Distance healings are also available.

The session will often include essence therapy, crystals, and visualisation techniques.

Allied health professionals have been given the all-clear to continue operating during the COVID-19 restrictions. I do also offer online sessions and distance healing options.

Cancellation Policy: All bookings have a 50% cancellation fee if cancelled 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.