Acting with Passion acting classes Melbourne

Acting with Passion, the work of Niki Flacks.

Based on the latest research from the fields of neuroscience and mind-body psychology, Acting With Passion offers a revolutionary new approach to the age-old problems of the actor: dealing with nerves, engaging the body, quieting the inner critic, auditioning, memorisation and even playing comedy.

Disconnect your intellect and act with deep, emotional truth – giving rise to a performance that is honest, powerful and exciting. 

Actors who have struggled with ‘visualization’ and ‘emotional recall’ can learn an alternative method of accessing feelings through the release of chronic, subtle muscular tensions that connect into the brain at lightning-fast speed and can actually produce emotions on cue.

This unique work is based on the mind/body concept that our emotions are trapped in subtle muscular tensions that cause us to feel tight onstage. Instead of “being in the moment,” we find our heads taking over with nonstop critiques and we are consumed with effort to “make things happen”    – Niki Flacks.

You will find yourself acting with a joy and ease that often seems out of reach. You will leave the workshop with a set of physical and vocal cues that give you the confidence, even under pressure, to be fully alive and ‘in the moment’. Many actors have described it as ‘magic’ — finally giving you access to ’emotions on cue.’

“Erica Chestnut brings her joy, her generous heart and great intuitive understanding to my approach to acting. I am thrilled that she will be teaching my Acting With Passion”

Niki Flacks

I am fortunate enough to be one of 2 teachers in Australia to be trained by Niki to teach her work.  I thrive on empowering actors to find truth in their work – with ease, positivity and the principle of ‘do no harm’.

This workshop requires 2 monologues to be learned securely.