Acting With Passion


In 2016, I was equal parts humbled and thrilled to be selected by Niki Flacks (US Actress and Teacher) to teach her incredible work.  I first came across her work in conjunction with my training in London with Scott Williams.

It was a true game changer in the way I accessed my ‘state of aliveness’ for stage and camera.

Acting With Passion “is based on the mind/body concept that our emotions are trapped in subtle muscular tensions that cause us to feel tight onstage. Instead of “being in the moment,” we find our heads taking over with nonstop critiques and we are consumed with effort to “make things happen” – Niki Flacks.

Many actors have described it as ‘magic’ — finally giving you access to ’emotions on cue,’ and I would certainly agree with them!


I’ll be teaching my first workshop in late January for The Impulse Company – all details available HERE.